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Production grade thermoplastic
High tensile and flexural strength and heat resistance

Ideal for functional testing prototypes and high heat applications

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Polycarbonate production grade thermoplastic; High tensile & flexural strength & heat resistance; functional testing prototypes; Stratasys Fortus FDM 3D printing


  • Polycarbonate (PC) is one of the most widely used industrial thermoplastics
  • Superior mechanical properties to ABS and a number of other thermoplastics, including greater tensile and flexural strength and higher heat resistance
  • Complex designs are possible as the support material is dissolvable

Typical Use

Ideal for functional testing prototypes with high heat applications, vacuum metallization, electroplating, and as a master for RTV molding and vacuum forming


Stratasys' Fortus 3D Production System, Fused Deposition Modeling technology. The principle is simple and comparable to a hot glue gun. In a FDM printer, a long plastic wire is used in place of glue. It is fed by a spool to the nozzle where the material is liquefied and ‘drawn’ on the platform where it immediately hardens again. The nozzle moves to drop the material at the correct location, drawing your model line by line. When a layer is drawn, the platform lowers by one layer thickness so the printer can start with the next layer. When your model contains overhanging sections, the printer needs to build supporting material. Since the material of the model cannot be deposited in the air, the support material prevents it from falling down.

















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Design specifications

  • Standard print size: 350 x 250 x 250 mm (larger size available upon request)
  • Min. wall / column thickness: 2 mm (subject to case-by-case review for structural sufficiency)
  • Min. embossed / engraved details: 1 mm
  • Accuracy tolerance: Greater of ± 0.2 mm or ± 0.1% (Note: accuracy is geometry dependent)

Technical specifications

  • Tensile Strength: 68 MPa
  • Tensile Modulus: 2,300 Mpa
  • Tensile Elongation: 5%
  • Flexural Strength: 104 Mpa
  • Flexural Modulus: 2,200 Mpa
  • Izod Impact - Notched: 53 J/m
  • Heat Deflection Temp @ 0.45MPa: 138 oC

More Details refer Material Data Sheet


Standard material colour is white. Material can be painted to the desired colour.

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